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dark spiderman

" Spider-Man " is the name of several fictional characters in the Marvel Universe. The first and . During the fight between the Dark Avengers and Spider-Man's gang, Ai Apaec tells Barney to load him onto an arrow and fire it at Spider-Man. Have you ever met the dark side of Spider man? If you haven't you can now. He is taking a hike right now but I think he is unconscious and needs your help to. Yet despite it sounding odd there are some great dark stories, so here are my top 6 Gritty Spider-Man stories. Only preference is that these are. dark spiderman

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To make Ai Apaec his latest Spider-Man , Norman Osborn gives Ai Apaec a genetic-modifying drug that alters his appearance to resemble a six-armed version of the black suit Spider-Man. He then captured and planned to slay some other criminals, which brought him into conflict with the Ghost Rider and John Blaze when they crashed into a web Spider-X had spun across the entire street. From then on, he begins a vendetta against Wilson Fisk, going through Iron Man and S. After this, MJ didn't want any more violence and innocent blood spilled, so she agrees to the replication, but she promises that she will make his life a living hell to make him pay for what he did to Peter, and to this response, Poison leaves for the graveyard, where he unearths Gwen Stacy's body and put her in a cocoon similar to his, where after a while a symbiote hand emerges from the cocoon, indicating the successful reanimation of Gwen. The first and main character is Peter Parker , created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Peter regained a bit of control and ran into a downed power line that electrocuted him and vaporized the suit off of him. Superior Spider-Man is also quite dark. Retrieved from " https: Ai Apaec Prime Marvel Universe Earth After several months of confrontation, Spider-Man loses against the Venom Symbiote and it took over, emerging from his cocoon as much different being, that was partly Peter Parker and mostly Venom. Peter travels to the hospital and transfuses some of his blood to May to wizard online. Sign In Don't have an account? Sandbox New to the wiki? This article includes a list of related items that share the same name or similar names. He is often seen in action without his mask on, as well, showing his rage and thirst for vengeance. The Amazing Spider-Man issues Storylines. Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Charlie visits Fisk again and Fisk asks if Charlie could do something for him. And this is also a painful reminder that despite how cool the kingpin is, he's still just a man than never stood a chance against Spider-Man physically. It's a great murder mystery and a Spidey classic and I highly recommend it! Rising Stars — Midnight Nation — Supreme Power — Dream Police The Book of Lost Souls — Bullet Points — The Twelve — Spider-Man comics are aiming for more of an fun "all-ages" kind of tone at the moment though I'm admittedly a little behind , so I don't think you are likely to find many recent "adult" and "dark" Spider-Man comics that are good quality. Someone has kidnapped Aunt May and it's up to Spider-Man to go through his gauntlet of villains to find her time. Meanwhile, in prison, The Kingpin is given a message by a police officer, Charlie. Ai Apaec tells Spider-Man to cast some webbing and give Barney Barton a sword which he uses to destroy the Soulsnake while Spider-Man lands a hard kick to the All-Seeing Eye. Fisk's taunts enrage Spider-Man to the point of nearly killing Fisk. I find most dark titles cringe worthy with lame edginess, but most venom stories and kraven's last hunt where the most stand out to me not because they were dark because they were badass and hardcore for spiderman at the time, and Spidey mostly tries it's hand in being really badass thank Darker and Serious to me. Randy Schueller later tells his involvement with the black costume and Marvel in an article at Comic Book Resources.

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Jonah Jameson Betty Brant Carlie Cooper More Spider-X first brutally slew the mugger who had attacked his mother. Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. Video Games Spider-Man video game Spider-Man video game Spider-Man 2 video game Spider-Man 3 video game Spider-Man: Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker, who also fought crime as the Scarlet Spider.

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